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Nano Brick Version 1.3




Captain, the USS Nano Brick is standing by! We need to test how far she can go! Take part in this great stride forward for all mankind.

Our most recent release is a unique and fun little launch game that you can play in your browser. We are still working on some updates and have already added an exciting new upgrade system recommended by one our players.


Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE9+)



18 March 2017
Version: v1.2

  • There is now 8 unique and cool upgrades to choose from. Check it out by clicking the upgrade button in main menu.

  • The further you go the more upgrade points you will earn!

  • Going above 250 height will now trigger a meteor storm… better upgrade that new meteor shield!

  • The ship physics has been completely reworked to make it more realistic.

  • Main points are that pressing space wont give much ‘up’ force anymore but rather the faster you go the more lift you will get and in reverse the slower you go the more you will drop.

  • The rear thruster now adds more forward force to where the ship is actually facing.

  • Fixed the bug where the sound button was only turning the sound on and off on the second time playing after clicking it.

  • Fixed the ground not spawning if the player goes too high.

  • Increased the time it takes for the engine to overheat.

  • Added hotkey – Ctrl-Q will now launch the game from the main menu.

  • Various other tweaks and fixes.


  • A way to change key bindings in an options panel.

  • Further improving the ships physics and behavior

  • Adding an option to export a string which can be used to backup and restore save data.



Engine cool down

Online Leaderboards


Anti-grav matter



Instant boost

Great replay value


Play Nano Brick here!
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